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EasyMPEG Lite 3.3

EasyMPEG Lite is capable of real time edit and can play MPEG files (See all)

The EasyMPEG Lite is capable of real time edit and can play MPEG files. The MPEG Player part of the program supports different formats. You can use MPG, DAT, VOB and multi-audio formats with the program. You can also synchronize audio and video files without any problems and with a high amount of accuracy.

EasyMPEG Lite also has an integrated MPEG2 and AC3 decoder. It is not necessary to have any third party support in order to use this feature. It supports the Microsoft MediaPlayer and others, and uses DirectShow. The program has a MPEG1,2 decode filter to be used with DirectShow. There is also the standard AC3, DTS and LPCM decode filters also for DirectShow.

The MPEG real time edit is based on the Result-Now method. You can see the results after editing immediately, so you will be getting just what you see on the screen. This is especially useful when working with large files. The MPEG real time edit supports both MPEG1 PS and PES files, as well as DAT files from VCD. A new MPEG file with 600 MB can be created in just a short amount of time.

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